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"Engineering Value"

Beginning in August there will be a new MOD I Class beginning every other Monday evening at your computer!!!!!!! 
The course  is formatted into  two parts - the "classroom" and the "study" - each are 20 hours and are held M-F evenings every other week.  A Friday night, Saturday and Sunday schedule is also available.   You may schedule as you like.  For those who are in need of "VE Study Experience", they may sign up, participate as a member of the VE Team and receive the CPs accordingly.  This allows everyone to now gain the VE Study experience that they need. 
We are also offering to project owners the opportunity to have their project as the subject of our VE Class.  The project owner would provide the project documents, attend and participate in the webex, make the "designers" presentation and receive the VE Team's presentation. A VE documentation report would follow.  The cost would be nominal, no more costly travel, no work loss, learn and prosper on "your" time.
All VE training and VE Studies will have a full time SAVE Certified Value Specialist facilitating.




        E-Value Engineering offers Engineering Value Studies

                   for any type of project/product/process

                            Using the  SAVE International 6 Step Job Plan

                     Led by a SAVE Certified Value Specialist (CVS) 


E-Value Engineering offers a complete Training Program for:

AVS-CVS Certification and Recertification

SAVE Certified Module I Workshop (40 hours) on line or in class

SAVE Certified Module II Seminar (24 hours)

Live Value Engineering Studies for Certification

Guidance and Monitoring on CVS Certification Process

Using Value Methodology for Project Managers

              **** Online Class Meetings run Bi-Weekly ****





E-Value Engineering was created to provide and manage the training and practice experience one would typically need to achieve or maintain their SAVE International CVS certification in a reasonable and structured period of time.  

If you are just beginning your journey, you will benefit from our program as you will be able to become part of a "VE Team" consisting of you and your peers, who will progress together, taking your MOD I together, performing VE Studies together allowing each team member to "lead" and experience the excitement leading, creative brainstorming and developing your ideas as to "How" to improve a real project and "why" it is a better idea!  

If you are already on your way and have successfully completed your MOD I, but you want to advance to either VMP or CVS, then this program is where you want to be.  

In our program you will join a "VE Team" of your peers and thence the "VE Team" will move forward to completing your goals, quickly and efficently.

Our program is designed such that you and your teammates can gain the training and experience actual VE Studies during either on your "off" hours or during the work day.  

This will allow you and your employer to both benefit from this valuable program. 

If you are in need of any of the above courses or studies, we are here to help.

E-Value Engineering (EVE) offers you the opportunity to be on a team doing a full Value Engineering study whether you need one study or twelve!  Each study is supervised  by a SAVE Certified Value Specialist.  Two studies are available every month. Check our Events schedule.

Instructors:   Les Thomas, PE, CVS-Life and former SAVE Certification Board Administrator

                   Randy Thomas, CVS, VP of Membership-SAVE Board of Directors

Let's Get Started!